Past event on April 17, 2020

ONLINE EVENT: Digital privacy & contact tracing

This week we'll examine the ethical, legal and technical considerations of contact tracing models designed to track and contain infections post-lockdown.

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Past event on April 09, 2020

ONLINE EVENT: Covid-19, data & democracy

This week we'll be joined by Toby James and Kyle Taylor to discuss the effect of Covid-19 on our democratic institutions.

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Past event on April 06, 2020

ONLINE EVENT: ORG Glasgow - Democracy in Peril

Adam Ramsay, co-editor of OpenDemocracy UK, discusses his investigations into the dark world of the offshore far right and their war on democracy. We'll also consider what impact the coronavirus is having on democracy in the UK and across the globe.

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Past event on April 03, 2020

ONLINE EVENT: Palantir, the NHS, open tech & more

Join us for the second in our weekly online discussion series examining the digital privacy & data protection consequences of the Government's Covid-19 response. This week we'll be joined by Paul-Olivier Dehaye, Founder of PersonalData.IO, a Swiss non-profit dedicated to helping people control their personal data.,-the-nhs-and-covid19

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Past event on March 27, 2020

ONLINE EVENT: COVID-19, privacy & open tech

Join us online at 4:30pm on Friday 27 March 2020 for a live discussion about the privacy implications in the Coronavirus response and the crucial role of open technology during this pandemic.

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Past event on March 26, 2020

ONLINE EVENT: ORG Norwich - VPN's, police surveillance & cryptoparty planning

THIS EVENT WILL BE HOSTED ONLINE, LINK COMING SOON. Join us for a presentation on VPN's, a discussion of UK police surveillance, and we'll also make plans for our first CryptoParty.

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Past event on March 23, 2020

ORG Glasgow: Crime and Policing in the Age of Mass Surveillance

THIS EVENT WILL BE HOSTED ONLINE Join us for an examination of police surveillance technologies across the UK by Silkie Carlo of Big Brother Watch and Matthew Rice & Jibunnessa Abdullah of ORG Scotland.

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Past event on March 18, 2020

POSTPONED - ORG London: Surveilling school children - Digital privacy & education

Join us to hear about research into the use of highly intrusive monitoring technologies in children’s lives at school, after school, and beyond the school gates. Hear what you can do to help the campaign to make all school data safe, fair and transparent.

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Past event on March 13, 2020

POSTPONED - ORG Oxford: CryptoParty - Privacy after Brexit

Join us at our second CryptoParty in Oxford for a series of lightening talks & workshops about all things digital rights.

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Past event on March 03, 2020

ORG Cambridge: March digital rights meetup

Join us for our monthly meetup to discuss technology's impact on our rights online and what we can do about it.

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