Who do political parties think we are?
UK political parties horde voters' intimate personal data to micro-target us with manipulative ads. Now you can fight back by using our new web tool to find out what personal data political parties hold on you.
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AdTech Data Protection Complaints
When an ad is served to an Internet user, their intimate personal data - including location and browsing habits - can be bid out to hundreds of companies. Open Rights Group is fighting back with a General Data Protection (GDPR) complaint and many other countries are following suit.
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Addressing Online Harms
The Government's plan to make the Internet safer threatens online freedoms. Open Rights Group offers an alternative, rights-based approach that protects freedom of expression online.
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Age Verification Technology
Requirements for age verification checks on adult websites would have created huge privacy risks for millions of UK residents and failed to protect children from harmful content. After multiple delays, the Government finally dropped plans for the technology in October 2019.
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Digital Rights After Brexit
Post-Brexit trade agreements in will have far reaching consequences for UK privacy and free speech online. We created the parody social media website Futurebook to show what the Internet would look like if we trade away our digital rights.
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After several years of campaigning ORG won a right to parody and to format shift in UK law.
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Blocked project launched
The Blocked project was launched and we found out that filters in the UK were stopping Chaos Communications Congressfrom selling event tickets, and even Open Rights Group from providing a tool to find out about blocking!
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Web blocking transparent
Thanks to our legal work and campaigning, challenging the secrecy of website bans, blocking orders are now more transparent. BT, Skyand Virginall provide information about the blocks now.
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