November 12, 2014 | Florri Burton

3 days to go till ORGCon2014

Countdown to ORGCon2014. We look forward to all our wonderful sessions and gathering of supporters this coming weekend!

We are all busy getting ready for ORGCon2014 this weekend. Tickets are unfortunately now sold out! We're sorry if you didn't manage to get one this year, but we can let you know that the sessions are being filmed and can be found on the ORGCon website post-event.

ORGCon2014 is all about debating civil liberties and the Internet. The clock is ticking until the general election 2015, now is the time that we can make a real difference, take action for our human rights, and meet together as a community.

ORGCon2014 is the biggest event in the UK which focuses on ethical issues of the Internet and technology. As well as the campaigns that we are working on like "Don't Spy On Us!" "The Department of Dirty" and "Blocked!" we also showcase and support other key topics and campaigners in the field: TTIP, open data, big data, Facebook privacy settings, online stalking, party politics on the Internet, child protection and more. It's also a place for ORG members, activists, students and everyone unabashedly enthusiastic about human rights and technology to come together to participate in great discussions and sessions.


We are delighted to be running a session on Day 1 chaired by our Communications Director Pam Cowburn on 'Surveillance, Whistleblowing and the Media', with Jodie Ginsberg CEO of Index on Censorship, Rachel Oldroyd Managing Editor of the Bureau of Investigative Journalism and investigative journalist Duncan Campbell participating. It's going to be great to get the insider perspectives from these fantastic journalists on the role of whistleblowing post Snowden. How does surveillance interfere with the right to free speech and confidentiality between journalists and their sources? And how does RIPA fit in with all this?

As an intern, I am thrilled to be attending ORGCon2014. However, I have no idea how I am going to choose which talks to go to, they all look brilliant. I'm sure many of you are having the same problem! Check out our speakers for the weekend.

Yet I will say that I am excited to hear a fresh perspective on the infamous 'Nothing to hide, Nothing to fear' line, particularly Merrick Badger's experiences and work on Campaign Opposing Police Surveillance. I am especially interested in the undercover police infiltration of protest groups and the ways in which police were almost expected to have sexual relationships with women they were investigating. For me this raises issues of the gendered way in which states enact their security policies.


This year we are running a second day at ORGCon2014, promoting the chance for you to really get involved hands on, as activists and local groups members. We are running sessions on campaign skills like how to win a long term campaign, how to get media coverage, and how to campaign with your MP and MEPs, not to mention our hack spaces and top tips on how to run local groups.

This second day is really all about engagement and participation, in an inclusive space. This will give the chance for those with a passion for digital rights and campaigning to further develop their skills, with the help of some experienced individuals.

We're looking forward to meeting you face to face, and hearing your thoughts on how to take action.

In a time where our human rights are being eroded by tighter controls on the Internet, censorship and mass surveillance, providing a space for these discussions and participation, and furthering your campaigning skills is more important than ever.

It's our first time running a second day of our annual conference, and we look forward to working with you to shape this new side to the event.

To those of you who have already bought a ticket, joined ORG or who have registered to volunteer thank you so much for your support, and see you Saturday!

Here's to having our best ORGCon yet!